Adjusting to life's changes with hope… through poetry, haiku, and commentary

I Was Let Go

I’m starting this blog today because of what happened to me yesterday. I was let go.

When I was still in Indianapolis, work in Indy was slow. I got a call from the Phoenix office. “Can you be here in 3 weeks?” Sure. We knew something was coming. We didn’t know what. How did we know? Prior to that call, early in the fall, our home in Indy sold in 4 days! Are you kidding? In this crazy housing market? We knew the Lord was on the move. But to what?

The Monday after Thanksgiving in 2010, I jumped in my Jeep, set my week-old Android phone to navigate and about 5 days later, I was in Phoenix. When my wife joined me in February, the plot thickened. We couldn’t find a church or a house and wound up staying in one of those extended stay hotels for over 5 months. Finally, a house. Then came the surprise of unemployment about a year later.

Unemployment is hard to deal with. Life’s changes can be hard, too. So, I’m going to blog about hope and adjusting to life’s changes.

Well, I wish you peace, joy, and rest this Thanksgiving. And special thanks and prayers to all of you who serve in or support our military men and women. Even this is inadequate thanks, but is the best I can do today.

2 Responses to “I Was Let Go”

  1. Buffy

    My sweet Alan – what an awesome opportunity for you to do what you love – write! I am so proud of you for your faith that inspires me and for your sense of humor that makes me laugh when I need it’s medicinal effects. Together we will move forward with our God’s help. He is our Refuge in times of trouble, our Shelter in times of need. He has never failed us and never will because He is Faithful. I am so blessed . . . . and I love you.


    • alslaff

      My Dear Heart, we didn’t think your comment was saved and it has appeared. No you! Your faith inspires me and your love is a blessing. I agree with you – the Lord our God will get us through this. Loving you…



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