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Have I said this before?

Have I said this before? “I’ve forgotten more than most people remember.” Therefore, it is time critical that I write a new book.

I decided to continue my writing dream with a book, an historical fiction. Today, I started a new book about my Vietnam War and US Army memories, experiences, etc.

Me in Vietnam

This photo is really me in Vietnam when I was assigned to the 1st RR Co (AVN) in Cam Ran Bay, 1967-68. The assignment was supposed to be temporary and lasted for many months! I was a crew member for Crazy Cat on P2V Neptune aircraft.

Writing this book will take a while. Much more time consuming than I thought. Forgot more than I thought! Trying to remember and sort through the memories.


7 Responses to “Have I said this before?”

    • alslaff

      Glenn, thank you for your invitation. I would join, but oddly, as “geeky” as I am, to date I haven’t used Facebook. If that changes, I’ll be sure to join this excellent group of crazy cats.


  1. Glenn Fannin

    Just had an idea… if you won’t come to us can I post your picture with a link to your blog? Maybe some of the guys will stop by and visit you here.


    • alslaff

      Glenn, good idea. Thanks much. And much has changed since then, e.g., this blog is poetry with bible-based commentary. That alone will surprise most.



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