Adjusting to life's changes with hope… through poetry, haiku, and commentary

Non Amusement Park

One moment I was on
Canyon Lake cruising in
the afternoon sun.

A crack appeared in the
wall but not in the

The next moment I was
adrift on a tiny raft


on a lake of fear that I
didn’t make. The wall with
the crack became the
dam on the lake.

The hole on the top of my
clipboard keeps winking
at me. I realize that it is
the reflection of the ceiling
fan I see on the metal clip.

It is turning faster.

In a flash, lake water, the
raft, and I spiral down
through that hole at the
top of the clipboard and I
land in the center of a
non amusement park
still holding on to the raft.

“To Exit Enter Here” says
the sign over The Big “E”
roller coaster. I don’t like
roller coasters.

The raft and I rode out
the short and violent
ride without moving.

The Big “E” dumped me
back on the lake. Still in
the raft. The problem is
that it is night during the
day. And there are no
paddles in the raft.

Demons dance around a
bonfire on the far shore
burning all the paddles.

Without warning the raft
bumps against the rocks.
A demon close by smiles
and turns to hand me a

The hand of God slaps
the water. I hold on to
the raft. The raft holds
on to the water.

What was once a fierce
but inviting fire is now a
distant hiss in the dark.

I fall asleep in the raft
and dream about a sun
soaked land where
flowers grow out of the
cracks in the walls.

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