Adjusting to life's changes with hope… through poetry, haiku, and commentary

God’s Signature

God can hear
the silent whistle
of the soul.

God can see
the tears that
flow like rain and
the tears that
don’t make it
out of the corner
of our eyes, the
ones we think
no one else ever

God hears our
first breath and
our last breath,
and our sighs
in between.

Do you know that
God’s signature
is on every heart,
every heartbeat
is in His hand?

My breath is
slowed. I can’t
speak as I think
of these things.

We do not have
the power to
remember the
source of our

every time

before we think,
before we speak,
or before we act.

There was One
who could hear
the heartbeats
of hatred but
didn’t speak.

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