Adjusting to life's changes with hope… through poetry, haiku, and commentary

Down to the Bone

I have too many things on my to-do list,
so I deleted a bunch, things I just won’t
get to today or ever. Why do I have one?

How did it get to be 11:45? I’m good at
minutia. The big things on the list I
wanted to have done by now smirk at me.

I was going to pray. I don’t like to work
at my laptop in my robe. What if the UPS
man comes? Probably doesn’t matter. Drop,
ring, and run; gone before I can get to
the door.

I cleaned up and dressed for my walk.
Sitting here instead. I forgot to take my
vitamins and now it’s lunch time.

Didn’t pray, didn’t walk. Didn’t anything.
I’m so scattered today! No it’s worse
than I thought. I can barely function.

I was vulnerable yesterday. So my wife
told me this morning. She saw it happen;
I was unaware. Looks like years of
Band-Aids are falling off.

A temporary fix is still a temporary fix.

The word of God is cutting through to the
bone like never before. Well, I do have
feelings after all. Worse, someone else
can tell.

My bones are showing.

My discomfort will only be for a season,
for this is a form of counsel that heals
and closes all wounds, leaving no scars.

Memories without the pain of abuse.
It appears that I may be human after all.

It’s beginning to sink in. When I was
sexually abused all those years, it
wasn’t God’s fault. Nor was it mine.

When I pray today, it will be different.
There is comfort in knowing that God
loves me down to the bone.

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