Adjusting to life's changes with hope… through poetry, haiku, and commentary


The big monitor blinked to screen saver.
I stared at it a few moments wondering
what is next. Another day to dream.
Another day to think.

I rather go to lunch later than earlier.
Yesterday on my way to take-out,
I drove through a car wash. Today,
seems like a chicken teriyaki day.

It varies little if I’m working. A foot-long
once in a while. Teriyaki, or a Chinese
rice bowl, or won-ton soup. I could eat
rice every day of my life very easily.

(Hint, hint, Lord, send me somewhere
where they have rice; as if he needs
my help.)

Nights don’t vary either really. Spicy
ramen noodle soup. Either by
microwave or stove top with some
protein or veggies added. Eating too
much pop corn lately. Cooking less
seems to be the norm for me as the
years go by.

No work this week. At home. Thinking.
What will it be? Where will I run the last
leg of this race? Israel? India? Brazil?
Places unknown? Places with rice?

Somehow our conversation shifted from
dental plans to cemeteries. I’m resistant.
But willing if she wants. I rather not buy
a plot here if I’m not going to die here.

“Well, we don’t have to use them. If
Jesus came tomorrow, you wouldn’t use
it anyway.”

Well said. Point well taken. But there is
a feeling I have that I won’t die here.
Not the place or the time. Much more
ahead. God knows where, what, and

Perhaps another time, another place,
but, personally, I rather remain until
Jesus comes. Someone has to do it.

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