Adjusting to life's changes with hope… through poetry, haiku, and commentary

Breakfast Together

I was shaving, trying to
think of anything good.

I’ve grown tired of this
mindless morning ritual.
For me it is mostly

Anything over two days
will cost me the return
of the barbaric blade.

Folly followed. I thought
of growing a beard again
for the umpteenth time
since we were married.

Then I thought of love.
Our love.

I would love to make you
all the promises of youth,
but I am not young.

I wasn’t young when we
married. Did I promise you
the moon like a teenager
in love come what may?

Sorry, Disneyland is still
on our wish list. What we
thought would happen
hasn’t happened.

Our wish list may be longer
rather than shorter;
our lives may be shorter
rather than longer.

I reject this nonsense true
or not. Circumstances and
the events of life may have
cast shadows over the light
of our love, but what of it?

Our love has taught us
forgiveness. Real forgiveness
that assuages our failures
and hurts.

This calls for a song or novel
to tell you how much I love
you. Yet, you have endured
this poets imperfect love.

The torment of this hand-held
lawnmower was coming to
an end. I smiled from within
as I thought how sweet it is
that we never stopped!

The joy, the delight, the
love in it. Pleasure at its

We breakfast together everyday.

4 Responses to “Breakfast Together”

    • alslaff

      Me, too. Goatee/mustache remain. But shaved head with full beard doesn’t work for me. Full beard may return even so….



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