Adjusting to life's changes with hope… through poetry, haiku, and commentary

Mostly Minutiae No. 21

Joy does come in the morning.
And you can quote me. Sleep
without foot pain (wearing the

dumb compression socks, of
course). Up early, shaved and
showered to take the kids to

the airport. Flight delay for bad
weather in somewhere like
Colorado, I think. The delay

threw our breakfast into disarray.
I made coffee first, almost naked,
socks on, then ran to clean up.

I stirred her new jar of peanut
butter last night. Oil separation.
Not my idea of PB. Old Skippy

works for me, when I have it.
Since it seems like my feet
have a migraine, I took two

migraine tabs after breakfast.
That will be one of my questions
on Friday to the PA: Will I have to

wear compression socks forever?
She already had her PB toast
when I came in, so paper plate

for me. Dubliner cheese. Half
ounce. Matzo, butter, apricot jam.
(Preserves, actually, from France.)

It is okay. I need to get out of my
apricot rut. End of the hazelnut
creamer. (Be back. I want another

cup; need to make a fresh pot.)
I set up the Linux OS world clock.
Jerusalem is actually in Israel.

Shame on you Microsoft, in your
OS, Jerusalem is without a country.
God disagrees with you. Political

correctness is so stupid! Humankind
(The stupid PC term; anyone with half
a brain knows that if one says “mankind,”

one means everybody. PC makes all
humankind appear ignorant.) cannot
undo what God has done or will do.

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