Adjusting to life's changes with hope… through poetry, haiku, and commentary

Mostly Minutiae No. 23

It feels like Saturday, but it is Friday.
So it was flavorful Gevalia; Wally hit
the spot this morning. And bagels.

I’m so tired I can’t remember what we
talked about. She had one ounce of
Jarlsberg and a half of bagel with PB.

I got cleaned up earlier than normal
only to return to my red desk and enter
detail in my journal about yesterday’s

EMDR revelations. Sometimes it is
hard for me to believe what I now know
is the truth about then when I was eight.

But it is true. Got to move on even
through there are so many unknowns.
And so many unknowns ahead.

The medic I met at my doctor’s
appointment was from Clifton, like me.
Should be called a PA appointment.

I’ve never met my doctor. No problem.
PA is on top of it. I took her advice and
added another pill to my old man

medicine repertoire. Traffic was brutal
going and worse coming home. But I
had a grocery stop. I looked in the case

and carefully opened the eggs. Looked
okay. As I went to put it in my basket,
it was egg Niagara Falls from the bottom;

all over my hand, sweater, coat, sandals,
and the floor. No egg on my face, though.
Home now with you. She is at work and

I’m running out of time. This is the only
time of year when I become a “wrapper.”
(I refuse to give you my opinion of rap!)

Jimmy Durante would have laughed.
So, “Inka Dinka Doo” to you, too.
(“STOP–da music, everybody!”)

What about dinner? Omelet, anyone?
I think we’ll go with pizza straight out
of the freezer. Safe Friday night choice.

“Hey, Bud, did you say Niagara Falls?”
“Slowly I turn step by step, inch by inch…”
I’ll wish you you-know-what tomorrow.

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