Adjusting to life's changes with hope… through poetry, haiku, and commentary

Odds and Ends No. 2

We drank our special Friday grind today
instead; we were out of our daily. It tastes
good any day, but we opt for a cheaper

blend to meet our daily morning needs.
To say coffee is coffee is a misnomer, as
you well know. Out of matzo and not

hungry enough for a bagel, I had a single
piece of toast to the burnt side, butter,
apricot jam (back up, out of my regular).

Hmm… Maybe a grocery run is in order.
Not today. Today was walk my sister-in-law
though restoring her PC to the factory OS day.

That would be Windows 7. Oddly, we both
have the exact same PC; bought them on
the same day, same store. Mine is here;

hers is in Indiana. If you know me, you know
what is coming. I said to myself, “Self, you
are burned out on Windows 10.” Outlook

blew up, and Linux is a mysterious royal
pain. No Samba. No Wi-Fi printers. But
I seldom print. If Windows 7 gets weird

then back to openSUSE I go. But, no Google
Drive for that, that works. Odd day. My new
meds were found. “Wrong mailbox” hand

written on the package with a big arrow
pointing to my mailbox. I called the pharmacy
this morning to tell them I didn’t get it. They

said I got it on the 28th. I said not true. They
said call your doctor and start over. Law of
averages. I called the doctor, got a new one

into the system. The old one arrived today.
I called back and canceled the new one. Mail
delivery is both a mystery and a miracle.

I’m not sitting at my desk; standing up with my
longest DSL cable trying to get this to finish.
Defender checking for updates for twenty

minutes now. Windows updates is in la-la-land.
(I know. Asking Windows to run two operations
at one time was dumb on my part.) Kill all, then

restart worked. Defender updates started to
download in one minute. I did get my double
espresso in today. With sugar. And cookies.

Hey, rough start of the new year. Yeah for me, I
start new pill for nerve pain tonight. I hate meds
as a general rule but look forward to this. Pain

since last March remains intense. Between the
Army and abuse, one benefit remains: a very
high tolerance for pain. But I’m tired of it.

Not exactly an upbeat or exciting post. Probably
espresso doing the talking. But as I stand here
at my PC on top of the file cabinet there is a

frame at eye level staring at me from the wall.
It says, “In Everything Give Thanks.” in a fancy
script. I feel like garbage, but I’ll take it to heart.

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