Odds and Ends No. 3

I put in one sugar instead of two or three
in my mid-morning cup of coffee. I could
tell it was going to be a coffee day and

not a tea day from the get go. We finished
off our breakfast pot, so I made an 8 cup
pot of Gevalia (Wally, to me). That means

one mug for me on the spot and six for
my thermos so I can have another with
lunch and another for medicinal purposes

in the afternoon. Three sugars this morning
was a bit much, so I tried one this time so I
could taste the coffee. I need coffee today!

One reason is the maddening operating
system dilemma continues into today. Why?
Windows 7 worked for my sister-in-law like

a champ; didn’t work for me worth a hoot.
(Why did I just use two idioms? No idea.)
Probably back to Linux after this post. It

seems like Windows 10 is melting my PC.
I thought maybe it would be different this
time. Wrong. I guess if the CIA wants to

find me, they’ll find me no matter what OS
I use. (We think we can hide, but we can’t.)
God knows all and sees all anyway. So,

there is no reason for me to be paranoid
here; but my four-year old laptop has to
keep running at least as long as I do.

Truly, a new PC is on my wish list, but that
will have to wait. So, I can work with the
limitations of Linux or let Windows 10 fry

my laptop. I hate having to fill PDF forms
by hand. Adobe Reader DC works great
for that in Windows; NA in Linux. Hmm.

I need to think this through even though I
believe I could fry an egg to the left of my
touch pad. (I’m trying not to use the word

“so” so much.) New doctor coming up soon.
I dread news patient forms. You provide the
same information over and over again in

the same forms (or other forms), then they
ask you questions about the information
you’ve already submitted over again. Does

anyone read these forms? PA wants me to
make an appointment with a neurologist.
For my feet; not my head (I hope). It is hard

to hope that healing will come when you
have to jump through so many hoops to see
doctors (see their rep, PA, nurse, etc. is

more accurate). I had a family physician for
a few years when I moved here. Never saw
him. Found out he retired. PA did all the

work. True, doctors, PA’s, medicine are all
gifts from God. Better to believe in God
than the gifts. I definitely believe in God

more than my laptop OS. More than the
doctors believe in the FDA. Be thankful for
God, doctors, the FDA, and technology.

All gifts are from God. (Give thanks.)

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