Adjusting to life's changes with hope… through poetry, haiku, and commentary

Odds and Ends No. 8

I’m taking a break drinking a comforting
cup of Irish Breakfast tea at 16:16. Mug,
actually. And a few crackers with PB to

hold me until later. First time I sat down
today. It started this morning. Well, more
accurately, it didn’t start; that was the

problem. She looked sweet as can be at
a moderate bling level racing to the door
to get to work. I saw the garage door go

up. No car pulling out. I heard the door
open. “It won’t start.” I walked out in my
bathrobe and confirmed. “It won’t start.”

She took my car to work. After I shaved,
dressed, and was as fully awake as
possible for me these days, I tried the

car again. Tick, tick, tick, nothing. Called
our mechanic shop. New starter last
summer. New battery in 2015. The

Arizona desert is tough on batteries. I had
until mid to late afternoon when she would
return. Until then, I continued to fight my

electronic computer wars! Exasperated in
that mind map files that were fine in WIN
10 Pro wouldn’t work in the same software

in Linux. I fooled them by importing them
into Xmind. (Also, I don’t really like having
Java on my PCs. Just me; not the product.)

After fiddling around until noon, I decide to
have lunch. I could eat the two ends of my
bread or eat her healthy sprouted bread.

I don’t know why, but when I think of her
bread, I think of Brillo pads. I used the two
ends. Two slices of bologna, one slice of

ultra thin Pepper Jack, spicy brown mustard,
three radishes, three green olives, and
another cup of Irish breakfast tea. Three

cookies, too! To relax, I read a few psalms;
I’ve been reading about the World War II
battle for Okinawa. I put my Christmas gift

fast read ahead of the Michener tome I’ve
been reading for months now. I returned to
my desk to study. Flipped pages here and

there. Before I knew it, she was home.  We
tried to jump it. No luck. Tick, tick. Dead.
The mechanic shop said. “Could be the

battery. But it could be the alternator or the
starter.” I was trying to avoid a tow charge
the day before payday. (Trying to avoid any

charge before tomorrow! Tea cup is empty.)
They are 20 miles away; rush hour is soon.
“If I bring the battery in, could you test it for

me.” “Could.” “Thanks, I’ll be in within the
hour.” I dug into the bottom of my toolbox
for those metric sockets I’ve used only once

or twice since I bought them. Battery out and
in the trunk; carried it in when I got there. He
tested it. “Voltage is bad; dead cell.” I asked,

“How about the warranty?” His boyish face
looked up from the computer, “Expired last
month.” (That figures!) “Okay, how much?”

I was floored after he told me. I knew I could
do better, but I’d probably use up the
difference in price in gasoline. “Plus, your

account shows a twenty-dollar credit.” As I
put the new battery into the trunk, it hit me.
The charge went through, but I forgot that

the account is low! Thank God for Android!
I opened my account on my phone. Zero
balance. Yipes! I did a fast transfer. My

transfer and battery charge were in electronic
la-la-land. I held my breath and checked the
balance. I won! God is good. I was only one

cent short! God is never short. His resources
cannot be fathomed or measured. Thank you
Lord for your constant provision. Nurse called

a bit ago to tell me, “All the blood tests are
good; and the scan showed benign nodules
we’ll check again in six months.” See, God

has always provided for me. He’s got my back.
Thank you, Lord, for life another day. Blessed
is His Holy Name. (And I’m back in Windows.)



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