Adjusting to life's changes with hope… through poetry, haiku, and commentary

Odds and Ends No. 13

I have to apologize for yesterday’s rant.
The doc wasn’t doing anything wrong.
As it turns out, the form with scary text

is a Medicare requirement. So she said,
“Sign and file is all.” I signed it. The doc
was amazing. Brain MRI and Nerve Test

are next. You know that FMS from 1984;
the doc says the diagnosis was wrong.
And he explained why. Makes sense.

After we chatted for an hour for my initial
appointment and he rubber hammered
me and poked me with needles all over,

he said there is some neuropathy going
on! A sign of hope, a sign of resolution
ahead. He studied my history and wants

to study more and get all the prior test
results and input. I’ll see him again in
March after this new series of tests.

I was so hopeful when I left his office, I
turned up Tina Charles in the car louder
than normal (for me). The bass was

making the doors shake! Then I went
to my EMDR session. Moving ahead
there as well. I celebrated this small

glimmer of hope with chicken fried
rice on my way back home. Read my
book on World War II. I get tired of my

war; nice to read about other wars
other than my own. She called me to
tell me she is going from work to other

meetings and will be home late. Looks
like I’ll catch up on Dark Matter. She
loved going back to our old coffee this

morning. Maxwell House is it! She was
in heaven. Works for me. Cheap Chinese
was late; so dinner for me will be popcorn

and Netflix. I’m always amazed that no
matter how down I am, God sneaks in a
little hope along the way. I’m so tired of

pain. I don’t think I’ve had a good night’s
sleep since 1983! Good things are on the
way. Maybe good sleep; maybe healing.

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