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Odds and Ends No. 17

The heat came on right away. It
seldom has to in this desert climate.
We keep the house cooler at night.

No surprise but the heat came on
quicker than I did around six. Pain
and I are constant sleep companions.

And real pals during the day. I needed
coffee. Monday means I made our
Maxwell House Breakfast Blend and

made it weak the way she likes it. She
had her Coaches oatmeal with a piece
of toast; I had my usual matzo with

butter and apricot preserves; a half
ounce of Dubliner cheese and some
hard salami on the side. Got to get

protein from somewhere. She is out
running errands. I’m just glad I’m up
and running. I’m still tapping the

ASDF keys hoping something profound,
memorable, or witty comes forth. Or
perhaps brilliant. Not here. Not today.

Maybe in the book I’m writing that no
one (almost no one) is reading. (Why am
I writing it? Dash off something else

instead?) Many prolific authors write
a few books a year. I’m shooting for a
few more in this decade. Reasonable,

I think. Can you tell I’m a bit lethargic
today? I’m recovering from being in pain
and lethargic yesterday. Something has

to change or improve here! The only thing
I’m sure of is that lunch is imminent.
(See you on the other side of lunch.)

Back. Took longer than I had planned. Soup
was on my mind. I dressed up a bowl of
ramen with frozen peas, some broccoli, and

a green onion that looked like it was left
over from Resident Evil. I chopped the heck
out of it to make sure it was dead. Boiled

three cups of water instead of two. Two
things. One, I need enough water to cover
the veggies and the noodles. Two, the soup

won’t taste as spicy or salty. (I’m ignoring
the salt content and chemicals listed in the
ingredients so I can enjoy this.) Lunch meat

works here, too. I took about 3 oz of ultra
thin sliced roast beef, cut it up and threw it
in the pot. Then the noodles. To make the

soup taste richer and take some of the hot
out of the “hot and spicy” I put in a veggie
broth cube. (A rectangle really.) I didn’t

have to mash it this time. As soon as I put
it in it sunk and disappeared in my quagmire
of noodles and such. Then it was soup.

I was going to read and slurp at the same
time. But I heard a beep. I took a few more
bites, read a few lines, and the beep

returned. The unmistakable sound of a
smoke detector with a low battery. Again!
(I feel like I blogged about this recently.)

I got the ladder and positioned myself to
zero in on the next beep. They take longer
to beep when you are waiting for it. (They

know it, don’t they! And they know my
soup is getting cold and spicy.) Bingo! The
one in the bedroom. Back to my soup. And

a few more lines and I was done. (Too
many words about nothing today.) Swollen
feet and overall aches and pains did not

keep me from my destiny today; a post
may not be a book, but it is better than
not writing at all. (And when you are home

alone you can slurp noodles or drink
straight from the bowl if you want to. And
the paper towel is so the bowl won’t slide.)

God is good. It is a good day after all.

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Poet, Writer, US Army (Retired)

I dreamed of writing when I was a youngster. The love of books and writing may have helped to dull the pain of severe sexual abuse as I was sexually abused by two men at my father’s place of work from age 8 to 12 or so. I learned about this for the first time when I was 50 years old. So, as a boy, reading was the only place I had to go to. My fantasy world was better and safer than my real world. I loved reading and writing.
Reading books and writing poetry are a joy to me still and are an important part of my life. (See my About Me page on my blog for the complete profile.)

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