Adjusting to life's changes with hope… through poetry, haiku, and commentary

Odds and Ends No. 23

I wasn’t going to post this so soon,
but I did a WordPress draft from a
Docs thing-a-ma-bob. It installed and

opened a fresh Doc to work in linked
to my post drafts, so here I am. So,
where was I all morning? Waiting an

hour past my appointment time to see
the doctor. “Sorry, the tests didn’t show
any neuropathy. Can’t do anything for

you.” He and his tag-a-long wished me
good luck and walked out the door.
So, another flop on finding out where

all my pain and swelling come from.
I now have a long list of what my
illness is not. God knows. The doctors

do not know. They should talk; keep
each other informed. Meanwhile, coffee
at 17:30 kept me up until midnight or

so. Well, I didn’t want to awaken her,
so I crept out of bed, went into another
room and read all the blogs I follow I

didn’t get to read earlier in the day. I
just reposted a ton trying to get things
to post elsewhere. Score: the electronic

netherworld is winning; I am not. Tired.
Headache. Coffee before or after I post
or both? My brain is thinking espresso.

I jumped back into the “editor” a few
stanzas ago. Obviously, if the doctors
have not been able to identify my ills

that started a year ago with my only ER
visit in my life, then it is satanic. The
pain is real, I’m not making this up!

(I almost said something caustic about
medical services and Medicare, but I
erased it. It is what it is; but I’m glad I’m
breathing another day.)

Coffee pot broke. Nice hot tea tomorrow
for breakfast. No problem. Which reminds
me, my espresso window is closing soon.

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