Adjusting to life's changes with hope… through poetry, haiku, and commentary

Odds and Ends No. 26

Thunderbird Conservation Park – Glendale AZ

What do you do when the day has
gone by so fast you only have
fifteen minutes to post before you

have to do the next thing? That is
me this very minute. I’m typing
like a madman! The time since my

last post was full, no complaints
but all the neat things I thought
I’d write about, I’ve forgotten. Like,

the time before my last walk, I
looked at my phone for my end
time only to realize I forgot what

time I started my walk. Few people
say hello. I’m not racing anyone.
Keeping time adds stress to an

otherwise sweet walk (painful at
times, but sweet). Seven minutes
to go. Still have to get my boots on

and fill my water bottles. After
EMDR this week, I started writing
a poem about being “dismissed.”

Too serious a revelation; too serious
a topic to write about in one sit down.
Three minutes to go. My parents

totally dismissed me; they set me up
to be in second place my whole life.
Good thing God didn’t agree with

them. I could probably write a book
with the title “Life on the Back Burner.”
But I won’t. One minute left. This

birthday, it is more important for me
to remember that God has given me
life for another year and that is a gift.

Glorious thing that God sees me
differently than my parents (and
others) have treated me. His love for

me tells me I’m in first place; in his
eyes I’m living life on the front burner
(from here on out). Two minutes after!

Severe child abuse and continued
abuse by others created this mess
otherwise known as my life, but

God will heal it all. The best part of
my life is still ahead. Time to walk.
Dinner out tonight. I can say with

almost certainty that I will celebrate
this day with my “a few times a year”
martini up with Absolut and olives.

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