Adjusting to life's changes with hope… through poetry, haiku, and commentary

Odds and Ends No. 27

Sedona Village Lodge & Bell Rock

The wedding in Sedona was simply
exquisite, the wedding site lovely,
and the couple adorable and so dear.

The outdoor wedding was smack-dab
where the Red River Crossing Trail
meets the south side of Oak Creek.

It was an hour or so before sunset.
The creek was one step behind me.
I could hear the relaxing sound of

ripples in one ear, the sweet words
of endearing love in the other as
the gentle words and spirit of the

Native American officiant joined
the couple and all of us to our
surroundings. As the sun set and

the evening air started to cool, we
made our way back to a dinner
celebration at the Cucina Rustica.

I told her I wanted the mussels as
a meal and not an appetizer. She
read my mind. First, a “Mista

della casa salad” of organic baby
mixed greens dressed with their
signature sweet and sour

vinaigrette topped with toasted
sliced almonds. Homemade
linguine with mouth-watering

mussels in a special red sauce
followed. A delicate rice flour
wedding cake with a to-die-for

hint of strawberry did us all in
bringing this sweet day to a
close. More photos and hugs

all around. The wedding party
dispersed to inns and hotels
here and there. A late night

turned into early morning. We
left our sweet room in the quiet
of Sunday morning.  After a

breakfast of chorizo scrambled
eggs, beans, potatoes, and fresh
flour tortillas, and coffee, and

more coffee, I was ready for the
arts and crafts show down the
road. We had fun and found

some beautiful things. Then it
was time to head back home.
How grand it was to take part

in such a loving, sweet, and
touching wedding ceremony.
Love always blesses.

Thanks for including us; thanks
to both of you who are so special
to us and blessings always.

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