Adjusting to life's changes with hope… through poetry, haiku, and commentary

Being in Ten Haiku

I’ve decided that
being pensive is a plus
not a minus and

melancholy is
a strength not a weakness so
you’ll have to love me

as I am and not
for who I am not or who
I will never be

not for what I did
or didn’t do or what I
dream to do or do

not want to do can’t
do I’m getting better at
being than I am

at doing wanting
or going I’m more content
with who I am than

who I was and more
content with where I am than
where I thought I would

be so dreams may come
and go but all is well is
not a myth or a

wish you see all is
well is a state of mind
and heart it isn’t

how I feel or an
issue of circumstance
it is who I am


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