Odds and Ends No. 30

It was that kind of day. Overcast. Colder
than normal. I got some things done
and before I knew it, it was after one.

Can’t beat the neighborhood Chinese
spot for their lunch specials. Five dollars
and twenty-five cents. Plus a delicate

bowl of egg drop soup. Working meant I
I was never here for lunch. Home means
I get to go. Going there on-and-off for

about seven years. They haven’t changed.
Consistent. Same waiter. Fresh, simple,
everyday good food. When rice withdrawal

sets in, this is one of my favorites. Years
ago when I was in the Army, I fell in love
with every place I was stationed. Vietnam,

Thailand, Korea, Germany. I would have
lived happily ever after in any one of them.
But it was not to be. So, I guess I’m where

I’m supposed to be. My new bullet journal
is coming along nicely for next week. And,
I went back to my older smaller phone; it

is smart enough for me. More to do; more
to dream. Some desires will come true; and
some dreams will come true. I’m waiting.

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