Adjusting to life's changes with hope… through poetry, haiku, and commentary

Odds and Ends No. 50

By the time I returned to my desk
terror struck! I remember shaving
but couldn’t remember if I put on

deodorant or not. (It might be
worse; I remember washing after
shaving, but did I wash all critical

“bird bath” areas? No idea.) O well,
it is Friday. No last-minute summons
from the White House, Pope, or heads

of governments or like agencies. So,
my deodorant secret is safe—for now.
This blog was interrupted by an

emergency run to Dairy Queen. She
called, came back home, and we went.
An occasional Blizzard is good for the

soul. We walked in the door and she
went right back out the door mumbling
something about consignment shops.

My thermos is good for another cup of
morning coffee. Talking about coffee, I
had to go to the big Walmart for our

coffee yesterday. Odd, it is getting
harder and harder to find our brand.
Or to find any ground coffee for that

matter. I went flying around the corner
into the coffee aisle and sped past the
coffee. I put on the brakes and put my

shopping cart in reverse. I don’t believe
it! Only one shelving unit for ground
coffee. The rest of the “coffee” aisle is

devoted to single serving stuff and tea.
Ground coffee is almost dead. In my
lifetime will we see the demise of

retail ground coffee? Major chain stores
are quick to adjust their inventory to
top sellers, fewer choices. For example,

I needed #4 cone coffee filters. One
choice. That was it. Sadly, I thought
that I don’t feel much different from

coffee. Our culture treats people like
coffee. Here one day; pushed to the
side, phased out the next. I know it is

true. Our culture has pushed me into
the phased out stage. I’m invisible when
I’m out in public. I can walk in stores or

crowds virtually unseen. Don’t be
surprised if a stranger walks up to you
and says, “You’re coffee!” and slinks

away into the safety of his/her peer
group sitting around drinking single
serving coffee. Things are getting very

strange out there! Will I live long
enough to see my trusty old coffee
thermos listed as contraband? And

the evolving efficient intolerant rules
of merchandising or society be applied
to people like me… again? That only

permit the many if they are like the few
because the few believe they know what
is best for the many? (Will I be forced to

wear a Star of David or a Cross? When
I was a teen I swore that would never
happen to me!) It won’t matter because

there won’t be any more coffee either.
I know, I’ve been watching too many
movies, dramas, and thrillers.

Time to hit that thermos one last time.




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