Adjusting to life's changes with hope… through poetry, haiku, and commentary

Odds and Ends No. 58

Looking for the sweet spot

How can you gain three pounds from
nothing in one day? Peanut butter is
still peanut butter. Okay, I had a roll

instead of rye bread. Ciabatti roll.
Everything else was my usual fare.
Three-pound roll? I think not. Well,

three times the calories of a slice of
my bread, but it doesn’t add up. Ate
the last roll today. No worries. I will

live to eat bologna another day. Let’s
hope, anyway. The rest of my usual
lunch was harmless—three green

olives and thermos coffee. The text
came yesterday late in the day that
my new eyeglasses were ready for

pickup. I wasted no time and zipped
to the store. The glasses worked fine
in the store and on the drive back

home. I’m having trouble finding the
computer sweet spot! I go into the
garage, open the door, get in the

driver’s side of my car. And wham!
The speedometer and gauges are clear
as can be. I stretch out my hand. Got

it. I get out of the car, run back inside,
and put the computer screen at the
same distance. But not the same; can’t

find that darn sweet spot again. I can
find it fine sitting in the car starring
at the dashboard. It was gone when I

sat at the computer. Go figure! My
thoughts are everywhere but here
today. Book writing is a bummer for

me today. Maybe a cup of tea will
move me to type at light speed even
if I haven’t adjusted to these glasses

yet. One more time out to the garage.
Speedometer, buttons, all of that
stuff is clear. Back inside. PC screen is

at arm’s length (give or take). So-so.
Maybe my eyes are tired and need a
break. Reading check. Excellent!

Cup of tea and a book will do nicely.

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