Adjusting to life's changes with hope… through poetry, haiku, and commentary

Styrofoam Memories

it was after my first cup
of tea but well before
I was thinking of a

that the thick morning
fog was in full but slow

much like my thoughts
this morning as I pondered
the day ahead

I felt chilled even though it
is hot and humid outside
so I pulled on my

Christmas plaid a gift
from my love that quickly
became my writing shirt

the electric kettle makes
three beeps that I can
never hear but I didn’t

use a cup as I opted for
a styrofoam cup instead
of a cold china mug

I skimmed the foam off
of the tea like I used to
do long ago

it was my routine when
I was stationed in Bad
Kreuznach and worked

in the G3. There may
have been coffee up
there somewhere but

not tea so I stopped at
the cafeteria across the
kaserne on my way in

I’d get a big cup put in
two tea bags sugar and
cream then by the time

I got to my office it was
tea but I’d have to skim
off the top

I don’t like anything
floating in my tea but
my life’s been like that

things floating in it I
didn’t want or expect
but had to deal with

happily not as much
now so for a few
moments I could feel

my field jacket and boots
until I heard the twelve
twenty train blast its

way through town as I
revisited styrofoam
memories that never

fade but become more
treasured as the years

I think I’ll go with a mug
of coffee tomorrow as
there is something

floating in my tea

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