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Odds and Ends No. 75

what is it about a hot cup
of tea in the afternoon
when all seems lost

earlier today I was so very
tired that I couldn’t chew
the gum on my desk

I mean I don’t chew a lot
of gum by any means but
I couldn’t

she on the other hand
can chew gum in her sleep
twenty-four seven she has

jaws of steel but it pains
me to chew gum for any
length of time

the flavor fades but that
isn’t the issue for me it’s the
hard rubber effect

scientifically built into gum
to sell more gum so lasts
longer is a myth ya think

no doubt you are wondering
why we were both so tired

she had to take an over
night sleep test last night
out of town with heavy

thunderstorms due the
next morning so we
checked in about 8 pm

she was the one wired and
got the bed while I camped
out in the recliner and I

saw a small plate of Dubble
Bubble on the single night
table what’s with that

I heard a loud speaker in
the dark as I slept deeply
dreaming what I thought

was my version of “1984”
but I wasn’t dreaming as it
was the loud speaker

waking us up at zero four
thirty in the morning then
the tech appeared

my goodness she didn’t
dress like Julia last night
we’re stuck in “1984”

she said there was coffee
on the way out but I didn’t
believe it for a second

she disappeared but I felt
her eyes watching us like
she did all night

as we took the elevator
down I turned on my
phone for the weather

big thunderstorms were
starting with flooding
we continued our flight

out of the elevator down
the hall where just before
the outside door there

was a small unlit waiting
room and a small table
with sugar and creamer

no coffee no cups we
opened the door and went
in but it went nowhere

we bolted through the exit
to the roadside parking lot
got in our VW Beetle as the

rain increased but Google
maps got us away from the
medical complexes past the

wire and guard towers to
highway 90 our escape route
and as we got in the center

lane of the three-lane road
I remembered that you
shouldn’t drive any faster

than your windshield wipers
can go so the deluge was
upon us all the way home

we were almost there and
it was after six when we
hit the MacDonalds drive-

thru just off of 182 so home
was but a few miles away
we got home ate breakfast

and went back to sleep but
it didn’t last long so I worked
on my book until tea

I feel like I may not chew gum
for quite a while or maybe
never ever again


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Poet, Writer, US Army (Retired)

I dreamed of writing when I was a youngster. The love of books and writing may have helped to dull the pain of severe sexual abuse as I was sexually abused by two men at my father’s place of work from age 8 to 12 or so. I learned about this for the first time when I was 50 years old. So, as a boy, reading was the only place I had to go to. My fantasy world was better and safer than my real world. I loved reading and writing.
Reading books and writing poetry are a joy to me still and are an important part of my life. (See my About Me page on my blog for the complete profile.)

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