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I’m writing to encourage and offer hope as I adjust to the changes in my life, blogging about my life experiences, observations, thoughts, and feelings through poetry, haiku, and occasional commentary.

The foundation of my life is simple. Christ is my center. His death on the Cross and resurrection gave me life under grace; His finished work completed the law. I believe that God is all powerful and unchanging, so the Word of God is such that absolute truth can only be declared; it cannot be argued.

Thus, I’m not here to argue, but rather to say what is on my heart.

My experiences and what I believe form a frame of reference for my writing. Experiences such as, being US Army (Retired) and a former Vietnamese, Cambodian, German linguist color my thinking and writing. And, if you were to read my poetry book, The Boy in the Mirror (2nd edition) available (Here) on Amazon, you would know me as well as or better than the CIA.

There are other influences. I’ve been a Jewish believer for many, many years. Former volunteer chaplain at Newcastle Correctional Facility in Indiana and bible teacher for Jesus Inside Prison Ministry at Jesus House in Indianapolis. Believe me, bagels taste better under grace than under the law. When you add up this page and the About Me page, it is clear that I’m intimately acquainted with dysfunction and abuse—shades of my life that color my thoughts, feelings, writing, etc.

My poetry has to do with all aspects of life – through my eyes –  while waiting and working out faith. Or waiting when faith seems to disappear. Sometimes it seems that life is only a place where circumstances collide. Not so. My life is a gift even though there is pain, pleasure, despair, and hope. I trust God is faithful and keeps His promises. Like the Apostle Paul, I desire to finish the race. Every day of life is a gift from God.

After much prayer and consideration, I’ve decided to return to my basics, which means writing more poetry and haiku and less commentary. And more book writing. So in this season of my life, I plan to focus on poetry, writing books, and the amazing things God has for me going forward.

I welcome your comments and thank you for joining me on this journey.

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    1. Thanks. Human we are! Sorry to take so long to approve; my laptop is down today, so replying on my phone. God made you wonderfully human; He doesn’t make mistakes.


  1. Apparently we think alike. My blog is called “Shift.” Stumbled across yours through another… I love your thoughts that truth cannot be argued, only declared. I too believe in Christ but feel the same: One cannot know truth for certain, and the best of the world is the content of our hearts.


    1. Apparently we do, since our blogs deal with the changes in life. I’m slugging it out with taxes on the other pc, but when I take a breather, I’ll visit your site at length. I believe, though, that absolute truth is certain regardless of the day-to-day changes that seem to impact our hearts and cause faith to wobble. Having said that, if God is unchanging, then my blog is about my changes and what changes around me, etc. And the changes keep coming! Sorry, working on taxes make me brain dead, mildly irritable, and more melancholy than usual. Appreciate your visit and the thoughts of your heart.


      1. It’s okay! My brain isn’t good today, either! My post today was about “writer’s block,” as a matter of fact. I too believe in unchanging truth, and yet struggle with many things. Anyway, good to connect! I’ll be back by your site, too. And good luck with your taxes!


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