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Appendix A: Special Orders

Here are “copies” of some of the Special Orders I received from 1965 to 1969 in PDF format for your reference. Please click a link to open and view the PDF . NOTE: “copies” here means I retyped readable text from my old paper copy and saved them as a PDF. (Please see the “Dedication” […]

Chapter 5: Reception Station, Ft. Dix NJ

Ft. Dix in 1965 was a mix of the old and new. Some new barracks were popping up in some of the training brigades, but for the most part, Ft. Dix was a sprawling complex of single-story wooden and concrete buildings many of which were connected by various ramps and doorways supported by block after […]

Chapter 4: AFEES, Newark NJ

I opened the heavy door and stepped inside. The first thing I noticed was the sign, START HERE, in a metal frame standing on the highly polished floor. A bright yellow line painted on the floor proceeded from there. The building smelled of years of floor wax, strong disinfectant, and the sweat of young men. […]

Chapter 3: Home, Pompton Lakes NJ

“Please pass the rolls.” As I watched dad salt everything without tasting it first, mom gave me the rolls with a caution, “Two apiece.” “Thanks, Mom.” They were the pop-in-the-oven crescent dinner rolls he liked. They both grew up during the Great Depression and were the World War II generation. She was expected to cook; […]

Chapter 2: Rockland Revisited

As I turned right from Route 59 onto College Road, I realized that this might be the last time in Rockland County for a while. I’m not sure why but it looks like my first year of college may very well be my last. For now. I’m forcing myself to believe the lie that I’ve […]

Chapter 1: Introduction

Bobby was a groomer. He was a master groomer. You wouldn’t think so to look at him from the outside. Powerful tanned arms from working in the lumber yard. Tight white t-shirt. Work pants. Scuffed work shoes. Brown hair always looked like he just got out of a barber chair. Piercing blue-gray eyes with long […]


When we are young, there are big, important, memorable things that happen. We think we’ll never forget them, but time has a way of forgetting. So, it is on my heart to write this now (50 years since I was in Vietnam). As a child of sexual abuse, I saw life, the Army, and Vietnam […]


I dedicate this book to all the men and women who served during the Vietnam War and especially to the memory of my fellow linguists (aka Monterey Mary’s) in the Army Security Agency whose excellent service, sacrifice, and great contribution, for the most part, went unnoticed. I’ve taken the liberty to add Appendix A: Special […]