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Than Writing

I haven’t written for five days as life got in the way but as I sat down to write I was reminded everything that has happened in the interim was far more important than anything I’d think or write because every moment with my wife, in our home, at church has […]

Odds and Ends No. 73

Kind of a blur week. I can’t remember Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Now Thursday and Friday were easy to remember as it was exactly eight days since I cut the grass last. And a first for me. I wore denim overalls to work in the yard. Why did it take […]

Spring Baking

spring has spritzed like a seltzer bottle on empty or my famous cheesecake rising with the oven door slightly ajar my thoughts are filled with pineapple upside down cake upside down cause I’ll bake it but won’t eat it was I really thinking of spring or dinner both of which […]