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Out But Not Down

Six old guys fill a corner table. They have not aged well. My eyes pan the room. A young guy on his phone with a Kindle. How can he hear? Coffee shop speakers are way too loud, probably on purpose so we can’t hear anyone or anything. It is zero eight […]

On Monday I Forgot

Lust by any other name is still lust. I lusted for a job today, so I applied for four jobs that didn’t make any sense. I lusted for lunch today, frustrated because the jobs aren’t me. I ate two skinny sandwiches on rye. I lusted for the time I wasted. […]

Poetic Ink

How did you start? It may have started with a pencil or a pen; or maybe it was a fountain pen that made the words flow on to the page. Do you miss that old yellow newsprint poking out of an Underwood (the typewriter, not the singer, ya all) or […]

Have I said this before?

Have I said this before? “I’ve forgotten more than most people remember.” Therefore, it is time critical that I write a new book. I decided to continue my writing dream with a book, an historical fiction. Today, I started a new book about my Vietnam War and US Army memories, […]

In a Cage in a Cage

There was a porn movie playing in my head all week and the star was me. It is a cage in my mind I hate to remember, a side trip one never plans. It always starts with the porn my father showed me when I was eight. Today’s stir fry of questions […]


I awakened once at 03:29, felt that the morning air was too early and too cold. Far better to resist the deep beginnings of bathroom feelings deep down inside, unless my prostate dictates otherwise. I had been awakened at 03:29 several times before;  like a permanent thorn in my sleep cycle. Memories of that strange […]