The Sweeper

He sweeps,
He mops,
He knows
the floor

It is enough
for him. Or
so it seems,
but not for

He is not
the one who
is jealous.
I am.

Are his
longings as
unknown to
him as they
are to me?

she drives is
bigger than
she is.

Her endless
energy comes
from a
source than
iPod or so
you’d think.

loaders as
big as a house,
whipping around
the factory floor.

Empty this.
Fill that. Move
this, clean that.
She doesn’t
tire. She does,
and does, and
does some more.

Does she have
hidden desires
or is her music
enough to soothe
her soul?

I’m weary. My
mind never rests.
It wonders and
wanders and
seems to lock on

Sad news today.
Israel mourns
the brutal deaths
of three young
boys and asks why.

I ask why. Lord,
why do I ask why?
How much more?

A forklift rattles
by. She is here;
I’m elsewhere.

I ask and a single
thought enters
my mind
suspended above
all others.

The sweeper sweeps.

Electronic Intimacy

“What’s on your mind?”
greeted me from the
quick draft window.

I decided to read before
I write, so I scrolled
through the reader to
see what I’ve missed.

Then I read you. I read
your pain.

I went from nothing on
my mind to your pain
on my mind.

(Not my pain, for a change.)

Blog comments applauded
your writing. Rightly so.
But said nothing of the pain.

I follow you but hadn’t read
anything for a while. I wasn’t
sure about what I was seeing
so I read more.

You wrote poem after poem,
then came grief and loss, and
you wrote some more.

You jumped from childhood
memories, to sickness, to
death. A lifetime of memories
in a few poems with a month
of poems in front and behind.

How can we console or be
consoled when we cry

Electronic intimacy isn’t
real. No more real than
reality TV shows.

I felt your loss deeply.
But that doesn’t matter.
We have to feel our own
losses and work through
them. Not around them.

I left a comment.

But that too I fear was
electronically inadequate.
Nor did I intend for it to
be electronically correct.

Because I care for real.
You’ve touched my life.
I wanted to touch yours
from afar.

But not electronically.