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A Single Word

the temperature dropped about thirty degrees Mardi Gras may not care but I do it is freezing the wind is up I can tell cause that same branch knocks on the metal roof and the house is so quiet that is the only sound I hear well not the only […]

For a Change

In the hustle and bustle of writing and thinking, thinking and writing, I’m much better at writing about love than living love. We can’t switch places with anyone in real life, even though I’d like to switch places with myself for a change.

Inside My Window

outside my window is as much as I can see peace in a patch of blue seems so still a touch of wind across the way in a tree barely blows the blades of a desert bush that is so foreign to me as is love inside my window

About To

Do you suffer from excelling at the mundane, from too many years alone on all levels? I do. It takes greater effort to swim in the mundane than in water. Mundane is heavier and it drags you down. I wouldn’t mind the mundane if it had meaning or purpose. But […]