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Errand Day

today was errands with brother-in-law day we filled the car with groceries and tall tales over our boots jiminy cricket deep in you know what cause he was air force and I was army so the stories kept coming nothing new for us no doubt to be continued on our next […]


It is Veterans Day. I’m remembering. Please read the reprint below. A vet-friend of mine at Lilly sent it to me this morning. This is excellent and special for today. Author info is at the end. So, with this offering, hats off to all my fellow vets. (Respectfully submitted, SFC […]


I took a walk and thought I’d look for a poem. The trees were silent, the heat refused to speak. I walked my usual route with weights carrying my make believe Army canteen. The belt I wear has chap stick, my keys dangling from a hook, a BPA free stainless […]