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Without Fear

I went down high school memory lane this week for a pending EMDR session. I thumbed through my three yearbooks. Sixty-two was not as bumpy as I thought it was. I transferred in that year. It came and went. Can’t remember much with class photos the size of a postage […]

Here and There

If I try to run from my myself, where can I go? If I try to stop thinking about stuff, how do I do that? Abuse has hammered me with a false sense of self that oozes with overthink and under-do. Not necessarily true. Just what I think. Life has […]

Down to the Bone

I have too many things on my to-do list, so I deleted a bunch, things I just won’t get to today or ever. Why do I have one? How did it get to be 11:45? I’m good at minutia. The big things on the list I wanted to have done […]