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Monday Night

winds picked up the house is quiet storm coming I could hear the sound of lawn mowers outside most of the day the heat in the house is a nice change so much so my lunch was late long and lazy reading and sipping coffee sweet and light as I cut the […]

Odds and Ends No. 71

The cold I thought went away returned taking my appetite, taste buds, and my head prisoner. That made it coffee for her and hot sweet milky tea for me first thing. All I could manage was tasteless toast and a piece of rubber cheese. I foolishly dressed for an outside […]

Beyond Beyond

I got half way through The Last Jedi and hit the pause button I’ve gotten older not necessarily smarter but today I did it I bought the first decaf I’ve ever bought except by accident drinking my second cup now as its going on eight and your day ending you […]

Murky Days in Hell

I was meditating, early in the day when I reached for what was left of my second cup of coffee. It had separated into murkiness. I was staring into a mirror of my current state and circumstances. Murky. Simply murky. But I got in the car to take care of […]

Odds and Ends No. 62

Flu shot this morning was in and out. I told her, “I made an appointment for last week, but you guys ran out.” “And we’re running out of the high dose now; good on the low dose. Which is your dominant arm?” “My left. Completely so. The right one just […]