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Odds and Ends No. 72

I cut and bagged the front lawn over a week ago waiting for a window to do the back lawn which is looking like a primordial swamp. I don’t own a machete nor do I plan on owning a machete. If I let the back lawn go any longer it […]

Roof Rain

a symphony of rain played on the oldmetal roof for days it was like nightcame early around three or so we talked quietly andtouched the timeaway sweet cooking smellsof chicken and garlicrice and beans took the chill out of the day as the afternoon slidinto night for real

Odds and Ends No. 59

Winding down with a double espresso. After a trip to the post office I needed a drink, but a sweet and creamy coffee will do the trick this late in the day. Here is the deal. After lunch I was on a mission to renew my passport by mail. Five […]

Odds and Ends No. 46

Last weekend, I had a headache so I sautéed two yellow onions and a half pound of baby portobello mushrooms. This became a lovely tomato basil sauce that lasted until yesterday. I asked her to pick a pasta from my assorted pasta cache. Our pantry annex is on shelves in the utility […]

Odds and Ends No. 41

I don’t like writing about what I plan to do in this space and not do it. That is why most of my “rapid logging” is in the past tense. That is why I’m going to change to walk Thunderbird and tell you about it later. My feet hurt. It […]

Odds and Ends No. 20

After I started the electric kettle, I realized that I was undecided about having tea or coffee with lunch. So, I left the kettle on, took out sandwich stuff, then decided to brew the whole liter of water coming to a boil. I put three scoops of coffee grounds into […]