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Odds and Ends No. 74

When my readers break, wear out, or fall apart, I order a box of three pairs for me and a box for her. I need them to shave and see the computer screen; she needs them for reading. My remaining old pair of glasses is in the loft bath- room. I […]

A Single Word

the temperature dropped about thirty degrees Mardi Gras may not care but I do it is freezing the wind is up I can tell cause that same branch knocks on the metal roof and the house is so quiet that is the only sound I hear well not the only […]

There and Then

I walked straight into a dust storm ten minutes out and walked back and that was it my gear and I were covered with grit so a shower before dinner was in order then I had a sandwich and a jigger of scotch to watch Endeavor by my adventure didn’t […]

Seems Like Mars

if it was morning I’d say something like this is the last thing I did before I went to bed last night but I can’t why because I’m still up closing in on midnight while you are sawing logs a few hours from first light but I had to tell […]