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Strangely Silent

The sound of the rain on the metal roof became musical to me as thunder and lightning was accompanied by a dull darkness that sopped up all the air, all the light and space until a little before sunset. It must have been the smell of the end cut pork chops browning […]

Odds and Ends No. 72

I cut and bagged the front lawn over a week ago waiting for a window to do the back lawn which is looking like a primordial swamp. I don’t own a machete nor do I plan on owning a machete. If I let the back lawn go any longer it […]

With You

Breakfast started with you. The day hurried by. Time for my walk at four. Sunny, warm, and a little breeze. I tried to think of other things with little success. Then there was a visiting food truck on the way back that resolved dinner. She could tell I didn’t know how it worked. “Salad […]

Like Chicken

I’m in between old and new. Exhaustion is the norm these days. An errand hit at the end of the day. on the way back I started thinking about dinner. More specifically I thought about chicken fried rice and steamed pot stickers. I found a parking space and walked in. […]

Odds and Ends No. 56

I didn’t plan to write today because of my eyes. I had just finished making a cucumber salad for tonight and sat down on the love seat to rest my eyes. New eyeglasses not due until next week. I couldn’t look at another screen of any kind or print in any […]

Odds and Ends No. 49

Looks like it hit 119° F this afternoon. I had a late lunch after my massage at noon, so I’m eating a late dinner as well. It is a little after seven. High temperatures didn’t change much for me. I made a simple ramen soup. Chicken flavor. With peanut butter, […]

Odds and Ends No. 48

The temperature hit 112° F as I got out of the car to walk Thunderbird. A few spaces down, a young man was standing near his car. He looked like he was in email or texting mode. He was dressed in running shorts only. “Adonis lives,” was my first thought. Stark white. […]