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There and Then

I walked straight into a dust storm ten minutes out and walked back and that was it my gear and I were covered with grit so a shower before dinner was in order then I had a sandwich and a jigger of scotch to watch Endeavor by my adventure didn’t […]

Beyond Until

Acupuncture wiped me out. I said no errands today. I’m going straight back to editing my great American novel. But I was more than half way to Trader Joe’s. Got almond butter, coffee, almonds. Forgot my special tea. My regular tea will do. My sweet muse, can you tell? I’m […]


If you get goosebumps texting, then you are in love. If you don’t, you’re not. In the midst of goosebumps the poet in her texted, “We are special together even apart… you are loving me poem by poem.” Speechless, her loving words elicited an emoji response; it was all I could do. […]