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Always Today

remembering the miracles of God in the past reminds us that the age of God’s miracles is always today right now any minute coming again and again in the power of God’s inexhaustible grace


once again imagination and reason intellect and knowledge fail me I long to use the word discernment but it is only letters on a page a big word that points to my longings my hopes and dreams yet to come and confirms that only faith and waiting will do until […]

Spiritual Rain

The end of summer rain soaked my soul with a spiritual rain. It was a vibrant rain that fell straight down like a comb going through her long hair. Years of pain and suffering washed away in the downpour. Peace and joy shone in the new day sun. The end of […]

Odds and Ends No. 26

What do you do when the day has gone by so fast you only have fifteen minutes to post before you have to do the next thing? That is me this very minute. I’m typing like a madman! The time since my last post was full, no complaints but all […]

Odds and Ends No. 18

My second cup of coffee was on the edge of sweet and tan. Not quite right, but I’m drinking it anyway. Taste buds are off or something. First cup was fine with hazelnut, but this second cup is blah. Or am I blah this morning and the coffee is fine? […]

Silent Pain in Four Haiku

aches and pains exceed the syllables this form will allow me write so I had to spill over into another for the room to sigh and another to perhaps scream unfair not said on a better day to be reminded that He who reigns in silence hears my silent pain