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Yet So Near

the wind whips around in strange patterns while a fast moving rain does the same passing through on the tails of a strong wind even so I put dishes away while I made a cup of hot tea what could taste better in a brewing tropical storm cookies with tea she was […]

Every Song of My Heart

Over three weeks ago when the house was quiet it seemed like the earth stood still, my pens and my keyboard were silenced by a deep conviction to wait; so all of my writing was on hold. Worse, my life was hold as well since she had to be away for two […]

Always Today

remembering the miracles of God in the past reminds us that the age of God’s miracles is always today right now any minute coming again and again in the power of God’s inexhaustible grace


once again imagination and reason intellect and knowledge fail me I long to use the word discernment but it is only letters on a page a big word that points to my longings my hopes and dreams yet to come and confirms that only faith and waiting will do until […]

Come What May

I don’t think obedience is an issue of right or wrong. It is bigger than that. Obedience is a willful act of of love not fear. It touches all things eternal where love began and will never fade, or fail, or end; come what may.

Odds and Ends No. 48

The temperature hit 112° F as I got out of the car to walk Thunderbird. A few spaces down, a young man was standing near his car. He looked like he was in email or texting mode. He was dressed in running shorts only. “Adonis lives,” was my first thought. Stark white. […]