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Always Today

remembering the miracles of God in the past reminds us that the age of God’s miracles is always today right now any minute coming again and again in the power of God’s inexhaustible grace


once again imagination and reason intellect and knowledge fail me I long to use the word discernment but it is only letters on a page a big word that points to my longings my hopes and dreams yet to come and confirms that only faith and waiting will do until […]

My Road

life is pulling me down a road I don’t know or do I if it is the same road as before I believe I missed my turn or if it is a new road I’m too weary to tell is that the wind no it is the sound of my […]

Odds and Ends No. 54

I left my cravings where they were and came here instead. The feelings were so strong, nothing else would suffice. I ran an errand to the post office. The thought turned into a feeling, then a stronger feeling. I thought of possible substitutes on the way home. Donuts wouldn’t fix […]