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if I could see magenta I’d tell you but I can’t if I could see mauve I’d tell you but I can’t besides taupe isn’t really a color is it if I told you I feel blue there is so much more on a day like today filled with struggle and pain […]

Time and Touch

Hot tea soothed my soul as I pondered the extent to which we love one another. As I thought of our love I became aware of why it is so hard to understand the magnitude of it. It is because our love for one another is not bound by the limits […]

You Know

I introduced the romantic notion of an airport kiss. You know. The type of thing you’d expect to see in a romantic comedy on the big screen. You know. She lands in a snow storm. He is waiting where he can see them all deplane. At the last minute he thought it’d be cute to bring a name sign like they do in the […]