Sweater Memories

Hot has turned cool. And cool
has turned cold in the desert
sun. I took a windy walk to

the mailbox. First cold day for
my old grey zip up sweater
that I used to take to the office

for years. Even my favorite mug
is cold to the touch! “Why that
sweater?” you ask. It was for

inside. I’d wear a wool sweater
to stave off the winter inside.
It isn’t a particularly attractive

sweater, I imagine. I don’t see
color. So, I thought if it was
stolen at work, it wouldn’t

matter much. Fraying at the
cuffs a bit, but that is okay.
So am I. Every winter I wear

it; like now, sitting at my desk,
remembering my workplaces
of winters’ past that have long

forgotten me. Thank you, Lord,
that it was never stolen. Great day
for hot tea and sweater memories.