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Than Writing

I haven’t written for five days as life got in the way but as I sat down to write I was reminded everything that has happened in the interim was far more important than anything I’d think or write because every moment with my wife, in our home, at church has […]

Odds and Ends No. 73

Kind of a blur week. I can’t remember Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Now Thursday and Friday were easy to remember as it was exactly eight days since I cut the grass last. And a first for me. I wore denim overalls to work in the yard. Why did it take […]

Errand Day

today was errands with brother-in-law day we filled the car with groceries and tall tales over our boots jiminy cricket deep in you know what cause he was air force and I was army so the stories kept coming nothing new for us no doubt to be continued on our next […]

Spiritual Rain

The end of summer rain soaked my soul with a spiritual rain. It was a vibrant rain that fell straight down like a comb going through her long hair. Years of pain and suffering washed away in the downpour. Peace and joy shone in the new day sun. The end of […]

Just You

too many transitions too many thoughts too many memories I had to give myself permission to do very little today I sat there lamenting this and that I sat there thinking I have hope in God I hope my books will do well someday the ones I’ve written and hope […]

Never Heard

I was going in one direction but my day went in another not a bad day just filled with different instead of the same I happened to look up and it was almost dark four turned to six you my sweet muse are my constant love on days that slip away […]