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Odds and Ends No. 49

Looks like it hit 119° F this afternoon. I had a late lunch after my massage at noon, so I’m eating a late dinner as well. It is a little after seven. High temperatures didn’t change much for me. I made a simple ramen soup. Chicken flavor. With peanut butter, […]

Odds and Ends No. 39

I was hoping for a haiku today, but my life and the chaos whirling around me is bigger than a haiku. The forecast for today was strong winds and clouds of electronic chaos dissipating in the late afternoon. She wanted Office back. After getting her set up, I realized I wanted to stay […]

Odds and Ends No. 32

I stared at this blank page long enough. A lot going through my mind but not getting through to the page, so I went back to my openSUSE Tumbleweed desktop and played a game hoping it would jar something profound loose. I just spit my gum out. She had a […]

Mostly Minutiae No. 31

It is later than yesterday; the end is near. Not of everything, just some things. So, I’ll start closer to the end. We just finished watching Department Q, the third in a series. Amazing work by Nikolaj Lie Kaas and Fares Fares in this intense movie. I’m just starting to […]

Mostly Minutiae No. 11

It’s another three cookies after lunch day with the cooling embers of my hot tea. This is actually a “start-over.” I wrote about how Linux fonts were making me go blind and some other nonsense when I saw the garage door go up. Then, her little white car zipped in the garage. […]

Mostly Minutiae No. 7

Didn’t sleep well. Got up anyway. (You probably guessed that.) Can you tell I’m in a hurry? Been in a time crunch all day! Breakfast was early; but lovely as usual. And we had the usual. Except her bread was too much, so she tried another for toast. She is […]

Mostly Minutiae No. 6

Distressed, I awakened a little before five; got up to face the cool morning before the dawn. O my goodness, the first stanza sounds like a BBC drama. That’s it! I dreamt about the drama we watched last night before bed. Innocent enough on the screen; a killer in my […]

PC Wars Advance in Four Haiku

I’ve been back and forth from Linux to Windows to hell and back all week my CPU was so hot I could fry an egg next to the trackpad end of the day I rallied with openSUSE to hold back the hordes of electronic slimeballs let loose from you know who’s evil abyss