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And Time

in between storms the trees bend and sway the howl of the wind is more than that it is like the rush of a subway express train passing through a station in a moment stirring the air and shaking my diaphragm shattering my thoughts I walked back up the gravel and […]

Errand Day

today was errands with brother-in-law day we filled the car with groceries and tall tales over our boots jiminy cricket deep in you know what cause he was air force and I was army so the stories kept coming nothing new for us no doubt to be continued on our next […]

Styrofoam Memories

it was after my first cup of tea but well before I was thinking of a second that the thick morning fog was in full but slow retreat much like my thoughts this morning as I pondered the day ahead I felt chilled even though it is hot and humid […]


life and love have not been fair to us this was love but once and never again none like this the agony of love lost is pure pain an agony of the heart that time and tears will not assuage because all heaven and earth know that like my love […]

Odds and Ends No. 69

I’m still in Oxford by way of Endeavor back to Inspector Lewis but not sure why I’m watching these over and over. A middle of the week martini is rare for me as was the salad. It was either that or throw the lettuce out tomorrow. The BBC must be part of my grieving process or […]


when I read what you wrote long ago today “you wanted to talk to me” and share so much I may never know your “soft slow kisses” how much I ached for what I missed then fear being the flip side of hope I ruminated about us now and then about your […]

Comic Books to Codebooks

Did you ever notice that when you are looking all over the place for something, you find something else you weren’t looking for? I found a brand new deck of cards in the bathroom closet. What for? Spider solitaire on my phone is one thing, but playing cards? As I made a poor attempt to […]