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if I could see magenta I’d tell you but I can’t if I could see mauve I’d tell you but I can’t besides taupe isn’t really a color is it if I told you I feel blue there is so much more on a day like today filled with struggle and pain […]


life and love have not been fair to us this was love but once and never again none like this the agony of love lost is pure pain an agony of the heart that time and tears will not assuage because all heaven and earth know that like my love […]

Odds and Ends No. 69

I’m still in Oxford by way of Endeavor back to Inspector Lewis but not sure why I’m watching these over and over. A middle of the week martini is rare for me as was the salad. It was either that or throw the lettuce out tomorrow. The BBC must be part of my grieving process or […]

There and Then

I walked straight into a dust storm ten minutes out and walked back and that was it my gear and I were covered with grit so a shower before dinner was in order then I had a sandwich and a jigger of scotch to watch Endeavor by my adventure didn’t […]