Nutella and You

Maybe it was because
I had my first acupuncture
in my life yesterday.

Or maybe it was because
I was in a hurry before my
eleven o’clock.

I was a little sore, but not
as overall achy to the point
of distraction because I

hadn’t experienced this little
pain in years. As soon as my
eyes opened, I was thinking

of you this morning. I started
coffee. Didn’t know what I
wanted for breakfast.

I was thinking of you, not
breakfast. So, I threw two
pieces of bread in the toaster.

Totally out of my normal
breakfast routine, I grabbed
an ultrathin slice of sharp

cheddar; didn’t feel like
slicing anything. Washed
a frying pan. Coffee signaled.

Toast popped up. I usually
know what I want for breakfast
before I start and zip through

it in control. Today, no control.
Feelings. I’ve snapped. You are
totally with me as I tried to

make breakfast. Toast was a
mechanical response to my
my mind, heart, and soul being

off the planet and this odd crazy
sensation of not being in as
much pain. Still in pain, but

energy that is new. So, at first I
thought I wanted peanut butter.
but as I opened the pantry door,

I didn’t feel like peanut butter.
It seemed like the toast was
staring at me wondering what

was taking me so long. So, I
grabbed the Nutella which I
hadn’t had since my last oatmeal.

Some black coffee and my usual
seat at the kitchen table. Took a
sip and a bite. It seemed like the

sweetness of the Nutella combined
with you. It was just Nutella and
you. My deep thoughts of you

exceeded the small pleasure of
Nutella on toast. A surprise good
morning text exchange brought

Nutella and you to a new level!
We didn’t expect to connect today
as it was your hair-on-fire, out-the-

door day. But we did. We had a short
impromptu call. Who would believe
me if I told them I had a touch of true

love on toast with just Nutella and you?

Odds and Ends No. 67

It didn’t occur to me to have chocolate
for breakfast until this morning. You
see, I’m a purist at heart when it comes

to bagels. Can’t eat them every day. It
is hard enough to keep my weight down
as it is! This is my second Saturday in

my new place and Saturday breakfast is
a bagel. Once a week. So, I took one out
of the freezer. Popped it in the micro

for thirty seconds—thaws it enough to
slice with a bread knife for the toaster.
As I fixed a cup of instant coffee, it

came to me that I didn’t have any cream
cheese. How could I? Those containers
normally say, “Use within 10 days.” Well,
one bagel a week won’t work for that.

I may get around to doing bean coffee
in my old Bodum press, but I don’t have
a coffee maker now and don’t really

need one. Not interested in the one-cup
makers or the expense. So, anyway, the
bagel pops up. Don’t feel like butter;

butter is my backup. The idea of peanut
butter on a bagel made me gag. Then I
saw my little jar of Nutella! Bingo. Why

not? And there it is—a first for me.
Nutella on a bagel. Not bad at all. I
normally only have Nutella on a single

slice of toast to go along with a nice
hot bowl of oatmeal on those cold
winter mornings. Peanut butter toast

works well there too. It wouldn’t occur to
me to eat oatmeal in the summer. Since
I’m recovering from my move, etc., I

gave myself permission to goof off today.
I had light classical music playing in the
background most of the day. I installed

Windows 10 on my MacBook Pro and
played Halo and Oblivion until I couldn’t
see straight. And then I rebooted into

Boot Camp having decided that I didn’t
like Windows running on a Mac. Just
wasn’t right for me. There may be a

gaming PC in my future just so I can
play my old PC games! You’ll never guess
what made me think of that. Well, when

I was unpacking books, stuff, and more
stuff, there was a small zippered case.
It is like gold. I’ll never get rid of it.

It is a case of PC tools from back in the
day when we used to build our own box!
Motherboard, RAM chips, sound cards,

and you know, all those little screws.
Hence the famous “claw” tool to extract
the little things you dropped down into

the computer case while working. Time
will tell. Getting close to dinner time
now. Since there won’t be any PCs in

heaven, I may have to build one more!