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Although I Can’t Write Sonnets

I don’t know what prompted thoughts of you; no, wait, I do know. I wanted to write something different. Your sonnets came to mind, as did your poems, your book of letters, your biography, your fall down the stairs and death in 1950. Your books were behind the left door […]

In the Absence of Time

I never thought of myself as impulsive. Not my character flaw. Indecision is one of mine. There was a time I thought I was decisive. Probably never was. Abuse killed everything. Except for the illusion of life that suspended me between heaven and hell like the living dead. That is […]

PC Wars Advance in Four Haiku

I’ve been back and forth from Linux to Windows to hell and back all week my CPU was so hot I could fry an egg next to the trackpad end of the day I rallied with openSUSE to hold back the hordes of electronic slimeballs let loose from you know who’s evil abyss