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On Healing and the Church 2.19

I haven’t stopped thinking about the topic of healing since my earlier post. My mind has been racing about this all morning. So much so that I had to start typing before making coffee. Oops. She fell back asleep after I told her I’d awaken her after I make coffee. […]

Demon Blood in Six Haiku

when someone you love abuses you the cord stays tied to your soul it fills you with her lies and the demon blood floods what is left of you so your heart is as cold as her smile your thought life as deceitful as her kiss but in the dark of night […]

Odds and Ends No. 1

There is something sensual about steam rising from a cup of black coffee. The color of my mood today or let’s just say somber. Yesterday was the first day of the new year. Too bad. It didn’t go well. Not by my design. I thought I’d journal about last week’s […]

Mostly Minutiae No. 17

It is late and the page is blank, but my mind is far from blank. It is just that I can’t write about it. If I think about it, my thoughts turn dark. I don’t want to go there anymore. It will end soon. Better that I write about coffee. […]

Commentary on Haiku 8.13

I’ve had a busy few weeks. It was at the beginning of this month. On the Monday after I got my poetry book reformatted and published by CreateSpace and Kindle. I got an email from my daughter, who works in Cincinnati, that she would be flying out for business meetings […]