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Time and Touch

Hot tea soothed my soul as I pondered the extent to which we love one another. As I thought of our love I became aware of why it is so hard to understand the magnitude of it. It is because our love for one another is not bound by the limits […]

Being in Ten Haiku

I’ve decided that being pensive is a plus not a minus and melancholy is a strength not a weakness so you’ll have to love me as I am and not for who I am not or who I will never be not for what I did or didn’t do or […]

Odds and Ends No. 1

There is something sensual about steam rising from a cup of black coffee. The color of my mood today or let’s just say somber. Yesterday was the first day of the new year. Too bad. It didn’t go well. Not by my design. I thought I’d journal about last week’s […]

Mostly Minutiae No. 17

It is late and the page is blank, but my mind is far from blank. It is just that I can’t write about it. If I think about it, my thoughts turn dark. I don’t want to go there anymore. It will end soon. Better that I write about coffee. […]

God’s Signature

God can hear the silent whistle of the soul. God can see the tears that flow like rain and the tears that don’t make it out of the corner of our eyes, the ones we think no one else ever sees. God hears our first breath and our last breath, […]