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And Time

in between storms the trees bend and sway the howl of the wind is more than that it is like the rush of a subway express train passing through a station in a moment stirring the air and shaking my diaphragm shattering my thoughts I walked back up the gravel and […]

Flashlight Giggles

A blustery sky muscled in on my sunny day. And storm clouds darkened the afternoon so much so, that I put on a sweater that had some dust on the collar from hanging next to two other sweaters and an old khaki vest I forgot I still had. Well, let’s see! I wore it the last time I took […]

After the Rain

Hope vanishes like the steam that rises above the road after a hard rain on a summer day. As the rivers of rain overflow the banks of my mind, I remembered reading that hope waits for hope when there is none. In that instant, my heart longed for what my mind […]